maid boyfriend

As more and more maids are given their mandatory off days once a week, some employers are becoming paranoid about what their maids get up to on their off days.

For one employer, she was suspicious enough to hire a private investigator to follow her maid and find out what she did on her off days.

The Straits Times reported that Shoba Devi, 27, hired a private investigator to follow their maid who is in her 20s and married.

The investigator found out that the family maid had a Bangladeshi boyfriend and during her off days, the two would shop, eat together and check into a budget hotel.

Ms Devi was concerned that their maid might be bringing someone into the family home without their knowledge as the maid had recently started to talk on the phone late into the night. She hired a PI as she was concerned for her family’s safety.

In this case it is clear that the maid was not bringing her boyfriend back to the family home, however the report has created quite some debate about whether employers should be investigating their maids on their off days.

Some have pointed out that it is a maid’s right to do what she wants on her off days and if she is using budget hotels, there should be no problem with maids having boyfriends. Maids are human and have needs just like anyone else.

However, some others pointed out that this is a policy problem as it is the employers’ responsibility if the maid gets into any trouble or falls pregnant.

As the responsibility is on the employer, some people feel that it is ok for employers to want to know what their maids are up to at all times.

Do you think that a maid should be allowed to do as she pleases on her off days?

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